Hills and trucks!

Have you ever been so bored that you just start to overthink about useless stuff? I bet you have. Well, thanks to the invention of the smartphone those days are over. With the thousands and thousands of social apps and games that are available in the stores you won’t have to be worried again about boredom.

Although there are lots and lots of games, some of them just get a major highlight on this business such as the case of “Hill Climb Racing” which is basically about racing and hills and getting first at the race beating up all of the other players, metaphorically. In fact it is a pretty fun game to play because you get to change the vehicle, you are not just pressing the screen for a long time to make it move you also have to check that everything is ok with the fuel and also you will be driving in different environments.

The game also has other benefits and it turns out that you get to collect coins that will help you to improve your car (or whatever you have at that moment). But if you ever feel like you need an extra help, well, you might wanna try by having some hill climb racing hacks up in your phone. Just to make the game a little bit more fun plus, your friends doesn’t need to know so you can get a free meal every time you play and bet.

Remember that if you like competition, racings, hills and you count with a lot of free time or “boredom” time this is the game for you and with that extra help is just perfect enough. Also anyone can play it so you don’t have to worry about you children playing that because it involves no violence nor bad words.