Did you know that there are some free press release services offered? Here is why you should consider them!

Press release distribution is a very important part of a company’s marketing. It’s a great way to show your targeted audience newsworthy content that matters, so that you can attract their attention to whatever product or service you are offering in your company. So, obviously Press release is a very important issue for you.  But, did you know that some of the services offered by some press release distribution companies are free and others are paid? I mean, obviously the paid ones are the ones that cover the most work but also, consider the importance of the services that are free. In this article I want to talk a little more about those awesome, free press release services offered out there.

Benefits and results are different but guess what? Not a penny is spent!


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand this. Obviously, the paid services are going to give you more benefits in the long run, but you should also take advantage of those free services offered because guess what? You will not have to spend anything on that service and I don’t know about you, but not spending money on a service always makes me happy.

How am I still benefiting from a free PR service?

Press release sites that offer free services usually rely on keywords and links and obviously, these tools also work and are very useful when it comes to building and generating traffic on your website. This places you up in those search engine rankings and this is what you are looking to get from a press release distribution company.

Don’t limit yourself to one free press release site

When it comes to free sites that offer press release distribution services, the options are endless but, don’t just pick any because you also have to consider which websites have the most high rating page ranks so, in that way, you can generate more traffic in your website by using links and keywords and like I said many times, no money spent while doing so.press-release-seo-jpg